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Why does health matter?. Isn’t health important right now? | by ROHIT KUMAR SAHU | Oct, 2021


Isn’t health important right now?

Life revolves around your health. Having good health underpins all your activities. It is a reflection of how you feel. You will accomplish more in your day and life if you have more energy. Because we all have the same number of hours in the day, the only difference is the amount of energy we invest in each area of our lives.

The heart becomes stronger by staying active and eating the right foods. For the body to function properly and stay healthy, the heart needs to be strong. With good exercise, other muscles will also be greatly improved, including those of the heart.

All of our daily activities require our bones to stand, sit and do everything else. The body functions better when bones are strong. Exercise and calcium will help to prevent bone deterioration and premature aging.

People tend to feel better about themselves when they exercise and eat healthily daily. The satisfaction that comes from exercising properly will make you feel better about the way you look, and most people will feel happier when they have a healthy body. The benefits of exercising include making friends and becoming more social. Fitness enthusiasts and those who eat right are likely to be happier than those who do not.

What Causes Illness?

1. Infectious agents

The cold and the flu are examples of viral and bacterial infections.

The saying goes, “We are what we eat”. It has been shown that food has a large impact on how well we feel and that many of our problems, such as tiredness, hayfever, and headaches, are related to food.

Getting and staying healthy relies on eating food that will give us the energy we need. As a general rule, one should eat a varied diet without anything that predominates (such as a lot of wheat or dairy). A healthy diet that includes meals that are light, cool, and comforting in the winter, and warmer, warming foods in the summer, also makes a considerable difference.

Unless we are talking about depression, we rarely think of emotions as a cause of the disease (and even then, emotions such as anxiety are expressions of the disease rather than the cause).

In our country, stress is a major cause of ill health. There is no doubt that stress plays a major role in many of the illnesses I see in my clinics, such as IBS, chronic headaches, and back pain.

Stress is not the issue here. People who have just lost a loved one, for instance, tend to catch colds and chest infections more easily. In Chinese Medicine, sadness and grief affect our Lungs.

We live in this climate, like a warm climate or a damp home. In addition to natural climate variability, there are also man-made factors, such as air conditioning in a car or working in an environment that is extremely hot (eg near a furnace). Some women can experience some dire consequences whether they wear a wet swimsuit or not.

The side effects of some medicines are known to everyone. A bad case of diarrhea can be caused by antibiotics, indicating that they have weakened the digestive system (or simply destroyed the gut flora).

Modern society is afflicted with this disease. Even when people work at home or don’t bring work home, we are always on the move, even when we’re at home. Our working hours are hardly the only thing we associate with relaxation. When we play squash or party until 2 in the morning, the experience is far from real relaxation!

Sleep deprivation is also a major issue in our society. The amount of sleep we need is approximately the same even though we are sleeping about 2 hours less than our grandparents. You should always try to get to sleep before midnight to have a good night’s sleep.

Both of these issues are related to having a physical job and not getting enough exercise.

Having a physical job or standing for hours on end is more demanding on the body, so the individual must keep her energy levels high throughout the day.

8- Weak constitution

Our constitution at birth determines whether we will have a strong or weak constitution. Children may suffer from asthma or developmental delays if their prenatal energy is lowered, for instance.

What causes today’s children’s health problems

According to a survey of over 18000 Delhi youngsters by Sportz Village Schools, 51% of the city’s children are overweight. Children in Delhi and other parts of India have poor fitness levels, according to the survey. This is primarily due to Covid-19 forcing sedentary lifestyles.

Physical inactivity: Today, most children do not get enough physical activity, and the results are disastrous. The majority of children’s time is spent on their smartphones, playing games, watching TV, and surfing the Internet. The result is that their health is suffering.

Poor diet: Most children today eat fast food and processed foods. They consume an unhealthy amount of soda, burgers, pizza, and sweets. They lack the nutrition that homemade food, vegetables, and fruits provide.

Modern parents are busier than their predecessors. Their children get less attention. When it comes to feeding their children, parents prefer to provide money so that their children can purchase food at school. They can buy anything they desire, and no one can control what they buy when they go outside. As a parent, you have the responsibility to make sure your children eat a healthy diet. One solution is to cater their lunches. The school also has a role to play by monitoring the quality of food in canteens and by not allowing children to purchase food outside of the school.

In addition, children don’t care about maintaining a clean environment. Students often leave rubbish all over the place in school. Also, they enjoy playing with their friends regardless of the state of the place. The kids hold the food without washing their hands after playing. All of the things they do are potentially harmful to them. In that context, teachers must direct their children to live healthy lives and set strike rules to help them do so. Teachers also must teach students to keep their homes clean.

To summarize, I believe both schools and parents are responsible for changing children’s unhealthy lifestyles. At home, parents control and teach their children; in school, teachers do so.

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