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Why Edge of the World Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List | by Brandon Seyl | Nov, 2023

Dear travelers,

The Edge of the World exists, contrary to what your Geography teacher told you about the world being round.

You can find it just 60 miles from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Here are some reasons why you haven’t heard about it.

Firstly, it’s situated in a remote location, far from urban centers. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find. Just turn on Google Maps, find yourself a four-wheel drive vehicle, and arrive in about two hours.

Additionally, your social media, blogs, and travel book travel recommendations are saturated with cities like Paris, Tokyo, and New York due to marketing/promotion.

Lastly, limited infrastructure and cultural factors contribute to its relative obscurity among the public.

If you’re a world traveler like me — unique places are always at the top of your list.

Here are six compelling reasons why you should consider placing it on your travel bucket list. #6 is my favorite.

  1. Breathtaking views: As evidence, I visited in October of this year and managed to capture the photo above with my phone. The desert landscape stretched for as far as my eyes could see.
  2. Peace and Tranquility: The Edge of the World was designed for me. As an introvert, I was delighted to see anyone at peak time (sunset) barely. Sorry, social people, but I only saw 30 other people during the peak season and day. If you want some alone time to reflect on life, this is a great spot.
  3. Photography: Jaw-dropping imagery everywhere you look. I’m not a photographer but one thing that caught my eye was how the light and shadows played together on the rocky cliffs. If you’re looking for some Instagram-worthy pictures — look no more.
  4. Natural Wonder: As we walked around, we were in awe of the rock formations that had been shaped by centuries of wind and water erosion. The unique shapes and textures were inspiring to witness and left us feeling adventurous.
  5. Outdoor Activities: Hiking along the rugged trails, testing your skills in rock climbing, enjoying a leisurely picnic amidst the spectacular backdrop, or even camping out, the Edge of the World…

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