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William Withering And The Problem Of Accurate Dosage

*This story is paraphrased from an excerpt found in the book Plants, People and Culture by acclaimed ethnobotanists, Dr. Michael J. Balick, and Dr. Paul Alan Cox. Their newest edition is out now; a book I highly recommend for all botanists, anthropologists, and herbal-remedy hobbyists alike 🙂

“[The leaves] I had found to vary much as to dose, at different seasons of the year; but I expected, if gathered always in one condition — when it was flowering late — and carefully dried, that the dose might be ascertained as exactly that of any other medicine; nor have I been disappointed in this expectation.” — William Withering

As it was, Withering was learning the big impact that factors such as time of year, season, and other environmental and preservation details can have on the dosage strength and overall effect of the drug.

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