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Why Is Changing Your Diet Always The Last Option | by Health Konscious | Dec, 2021

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We, as a people, suffer every imaginable illness. The leading causes of death can be attributed to the way we eat, the way we live. Heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, and diabetes are lifestyle illnesses. Poor diets, lack of exercise, and toxic lifestyle habits are the root causes for the development of these life-threatening problems. Yet, we take prescription and over-the-counter medications to mask these lifestyle diseases rather than making the necessary changes to reverse the ill effects of these conditions.

News Flash: You cannot cure lifestyle problems with man-made drugs (medicine). Honestly, why do we think controlling high blood pressure with pharmaceuticals is even acceptable? To treat or control a condition is not the same as curing or ridding yourself of it.

Taking shortcuts with our health often leads to a gradual, and painful, degradation in our quality of life. Throwing a tarp over a damaged roof may prevent rain from leaking into your home, but it does not fix the roof damages. The roof continues to break down while the tarp only coverup the poor condition of the roof. This is the same way medicine is to our health. Until we address the toxic lifestyle habits that create the conditions, nothing will change.

God has already given us the prescribed diet in Genesis 1:29. The problem is we think we know better than God. We misinterpret the holy scriptures and think that Jesus overrode the law when he only bore witness to it. But, we do not have to argue scriptures. Just look at the condition of us as a whole. We have become other than ourselves — overweight, out of shape, and relying on man-made medicines. That is not who or how we are meant to be. Turn back to the right diet and the right way of living. Put yourself first and make the necessary dietary changes to improve your quality of life.

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