Why is honey important?. Honey is a healer | by Jean Davis | Jan, 2024

Honey is a healer

Honey remedies

Honey is better for you than refined sugar. For diabetics, it should be in moderation because it is still sugar. But it is natural sugar.

Research shows that it is a solution for coughs, especially for children at nighttime.

Honey has antibacterial and inflammatory qualities — good for wounds and burns since the beginning of time. Scientists experimenting on animals show the science in the healing of wounds.

If you buy local honey, it helps with your allergies because of the pollen in your area. They say there is no proof, but I am proof, and others are too. It is the same as scientists taking a disease and making a cure with it.

Honey helps fight cancer. It interferes with cell signal pathways preventing them from growing into cancer cells.

Here are the cancers honey prevents from developing — lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, mouth cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, bladder cancer, and bone cancer.

Promotes heart health by reducing heart failure. Here are some other things honey assists with:

  1. Asthma, cold management, cough, and fever. It successfully helps with these symptoms and manages asthma by preventing airway inflammation. It also manages chronic bronchitis.
  2. Wound Healing can be healed by this oldest healing agent by fighting infection. Stimulates white blood cells which is important to the immune system.
  3. A tsp. of honey is 17 carbs and turns into energy as the sugar is released slowly into the body. White sugar gives a quick boost and fast crash.
  4. Always use raw honey and not processed. You want all the nutrients to stay in place.
  5. Cooking with honey is great also. You can replace white sugar with honey for baking. I also put it in my drinks.

I hope you enjoyed my post and remember just a few changes will help your health.

Have a great week everyone and it is great to be back!

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