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Why is it called the Eight-Spotted Crab Spider? | by 5EyesFarm-Lab

Platythomisus quadrimaculatus

This is a rather rare spider — found mainly in Africa and South Asia. Count the spots and see what you come up with… 7–11? Why it is called an eight-spotted crab spider is a mystery.

Found in the low shrubbery in our medicinal garden near the main house in 2019, it looks like some made-up spider — can’t really be real, surely. Yet here she is in all her glory. The male is tiny and red. She is very yellow and sometimes orange and bigger than Wikipedia makes out at about 3 cm long.

We played with her for a while and let her go again. She has been spotted in different parts of the Indonesian archipelago, on the African Continent and from India to China, so she is quite far-ranging but rarely sighted.

Said to feed on bees; her venom is not too toxic to humans.

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