Why people don’t trust you? | by Hayya Abbas | Jun, 2024

Why people don’t trust you?

Many peoples are come to your life in everyday life but you don’t notice everyone .when someone gave you attention and pretend he or she likes you then u also notice their actions . How was he or she . What’s personality. How he or she remains happy with you .How they think about you. When u realize that person is really good for you . And that person likes u much more. They make u happy easily when he or she knows your likes or dislikes . When someone care about you your likes dislikes automatically you think about that person you also want to know how is he what’s his or her name where he belongs . But his or her care make you look like a perfect person than you don’t know whats his or her bad behaviour you just notice good behaviour when you depend on him they touch your emotions . When Ur emotions join with others then you got hurted . First they trust him badly . When they come closure and notice everything much things differ when other take care of you they avoid you . Slowly slowly he or she starts like that you are not so much important you are not on the priority list then you hurt from her words you just think that now he or she don’t care about you . Then your trust breakdown. You can’t trust on anyone. You think everyone is like that person no one is sencere about u .

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