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Why Publicize My Heavy Story Knowing There Will Be People Appalled by It? | by Diamond on Display | Dec, 2021

I recently wrote about one of the heaviest times of my life (see link below). It’s a story which has made grown men cry. One which people wish I would hide away and never mention again. Quite understandable. No one wants to experience even a moment or a fraction of the pain this story triggers.

So why do I publicize my suicide letter to God and my story around it knowing there will be people who are appalled by it? Because my story is so much more common than people think, which is something I didn’t know when I went through what I did. Things may have been very different for me if I realized I wasn’t alone, but nobody talks about these types of heavy because it’s taboo, so how could I have known?

To anyone who is even remotely mentally healthy, my story is one which you likely don’t need to hear. It’s not something you can likely do anything about with the heavy information you gain. It is not your responsibility to carry this weight. I don’t expect you to which is why I have a disclaimer at the beginning of my article cautioning about heavy content.

To those who were once in this dark place and have recovered, my story is possibly too triggering for you to hear. It might pull you back into the dark place which is not healthy. Never would I want to be the cause of pulling someone back. If this is the case, my heavy articles aren’t for you.

But not everyone is in a good place. There is a decent number of people in our society who are in a dark place who believe there is no freedom in sight. To make matters worse for them, there aren’t a lot of stories out there discussing these dark places in enough detail for them to not think, “This person only found healing because their story wasn’t as heavy as mine.” People need to believe that no matter what they’ve been through, they can recover from it or they are going to give up like I tried to do.

My writings will contain multiple topics. Some which are heavy, some which are inspirational, some which are random, and some which are hilarious (at least I tend to think they are). The heavy ones are hard to read. They may not be appropriate for most to read but they are appropriate for some.

To the domestic violence survivor who is at this very moment experiencing defamation, rejected by her friends, family and legal professionals who believe it causing her to be on the brink of taking her own life, my heavy articles are for her so she knows she’s not alone and that things can get better. My goal is to affirm this woman. I don’t write to be socially acceptable. I write to affirm the ones who need it the most.

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