Why Rest Days Are Important. You know you’re hooked when taking a… | by Suvadeep Paul | Jan, 2022

You know you’re hooked when taking a rest day takes more discipline than working out

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To bring in the best effect from exercises, the type of exercise and the amount of intensity someone put counts. Exercise creates stress on the muscle and during recovery days the body repairs those muscles allowing them to develop over time.

  1. If you are feeling sore due to intense training, taking off the next day can help cure that soreness.
  2. Taking a rest day helps in slowing down all the intensity, the body has been through all over the week.
  3. A rest day gives an extra time which allows you to do something different and make the day look different from other ones.
  4. Off days could be a great opportunity to take a break from caffeine.

Here are some signs that can mean the body needs to take a rest day.

  1. Feeling sluggish following a workout.
  2. Injury.
  3. Feeling burned out for so many days.
  4. Getting too much addicted to exercise or gym.
  5. Decrease in fat loss or muscle growth rate.

As exercise puts so much strain on the body, doing it daily without taking proper rest can negatively affect both body and mind.

So does that mean rest days are necessary?

No, it is not; you can train 7 days a week and not see any signs that I mentioned above. Taking off days depending on feeling like taking one or not, is totally individualized.

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