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Why Trauma Doesn’t Exist According To Adlerian Psychology | by Nino Padilla | Oct, 2021

For me, Adler’s theory does not invalidate the reality of trauma. Some events cause deep psychological wounds that may make someone lose their sanity. In this case, it’s not entirely their fault if something is beyond their control.

What this means rather, in my opinion, is the meaning we put on things has greater impact on our lives than the events themselves. We must be careful with how we take them because we become what we constantly think of.

According to authors Fumitake Koga and Ichiro Kishimi, in their book, The Courage To Be Disliked, “Adlerian psychology is a psychology of courage. Your unhappiness cannot be purely blamed on your past or your environment. And it isn’t a lack of competence. You just lack courage. One might say you are lacking in the courage to be happy.”

As Adler said, “No matter what has occurred in your life to this point, it should have no bearing at all on how you live from now on. That you, living in the here and now, are the one who determines your own life.”

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