Wilder Penfield and the Search for Souls | by Tony Berard | Jan, 2024

Do Souls Enter Newborn Babies?

Did He Think He Ever Found Them?

We will start with the wiki for this man:

Penfield in 1958

Are you familiar with Wilder Penfield and his work?


Yes, I’m familiar with Wilder Penfield and his significant contributions to neurology and neurosurgery. Dr. Wilder Graves Penfield (1891–1976) was a pioneering neurosurgeon and researcher whose work has had a profound impact on the understanding of the human brain. Here are some key aspects of his work:

  1. Brain Mapping: Penfield is perhaps best known for his development of the cortical homunculus, a visual representation of the body mapped onto the brain. This was based on his studies during epilepsy surgeries, where he stimulated different brain areas and observed the responses in patients.
  2. Epilepsy Surgery: He made groundbreaking advancements in the treatment of epilepsy. Penfield’s techniques involved electrically stimulating various areas of the brain during surgery (while the patient was awake) to identify and remove the tissue responsible for the seizures.
  3. Montreal Procedure: Penfield developed this procedure, which involved stimulating the brain with electrical probes while the patient was under local anesthesia, allowing for real-time mapping of brain function.
  4. The Montreal Neurological Institute: Penfield founded the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) at McGill University in Canada. This institute became a leading center for neurology and neurosurgery.
  5. Research on Sensory Pathways and Memory: Penfield conducted extensive research on the neural mechanisms of sensation and perception, as well as the role of the temporal lobes in memory and auditory processing.
  6. Neural Plasticity: His work also contributed to the understanding of neural…

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