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Satish Adate

They say that beauty comes with age, but recent data shows that the battle against ageing is beginning earlier and earlier, with one in every five young women worrying about wrinkles before they reach their mid-twenties.

A recent study looked at how different generations of women approach skincare and when they first started using certain products. According to the findings, 30% of women under 35 use anti-wrinkle treatments on a regular basis, with one out of every five women under the age of 24 falling into this category.

Dermstore conducted a poll of 2,000 women across the country and discovered that today’s young women have started using anti-aging products much earlier than their elders, with the average millennial user starting at the age of 26, compared to the average over 55-year-old who started at the age of 47.

Over a quarter (28%) of women under the age of 25 admit to “frequently” worrying about their symptoms of ageing, a figure that rises to 42 percent for those aged 25 to 34 and 54 percent for those aged 35 to 44.

Thankfully, it appears that this regular worry tends to fade beyond the age of 55.

Younger women are even more likely than older women to indicate they would consider obtaining plastic surgery to combat indications of ageing (20% vs. 11%).

“The findings are in line with what Dermstore has been seeing in our current audience base, which shows a shift in our core shoppers’ ages — now younger than previous years — as well as a growth in newer skin care and beauty categories that are more favoured by younger shoppers, such as Natural,” said Cathy Beaupain, President of Dermstore.

When it comes to skincare in general, it appears that women are using the products available at an ever-younger age.

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