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Worried about children’s gaming addiction? Parenting Tips by Zoey

Zoey Martin

Video games have been present for several decades. People, both young and old, spend hours in the day playing their favourite games. Few avid gamers prefer violent games, mainly among those who are young. Parents are getting increasingly worried about their children’s rising passion for aggressive video games and their impact on their (kids’) sensitive minds. Relationship issues, social disconnections, increased stress levels, etc. are also an outcome of playing violent video games. Various incidents suggest that violence in video games can affect the mental condition of gaming enthusiasts.

Gaming enthusiasts spend considerable hours of the day playing their favoured games. Studies also reveal that playing non-violent video games has a few benefits too. Regular players show increased manual dexterity and increase the brain’s grey matter. It can also help you to be an improved problem solver and improve vision and mental health. The video games like crosswords, number puzzles and jigsaws can enhance cognitive function.

Lexulous Live Game Board

Word games can do you a whole world of good. They are entertaining and can help you relieve stress while improving your vocabulary. It becomes interesting at every turn as you learn while you play. Other influences include making you happier and enhancing concentration levels. Students can also find it amusing.

Many word games like Lexulous help to make the new words engraved in the players’ minds. It allows the players to be within a like-minded community and enhances their social skills too. The game is intuitive and allows the players to learn about different aspects of various subjects. Players also improve upon their analytical skills while they strategize to win against their opponents.

Behavioural experts say that increased hours of playing violent video games can harm the brain and the nervous system. The players become more reserved and increase their aggressiveness. However, playing intelligent word games and other intellectual games can help to improve various technical skills for the players.

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