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Yoga-a reconciliation with your body | by Angie Dy | Oct, 2021

Angie Dy

A common understanding of Yoga is doing postures. I think most people who start practicing Yoga will build this illusion. That’s how I first thought about it. I still remember when I first took the Yoga lessons, I tried very HARD to do what others did. Although the postures looked right, I didn’t feel relaxed at all for I was out of breath during the entire process. Moreover, I felt my body was drained by these exercises.

One day, I asked my teacher: “Why did I feel very exhausted when doing Yoga? Yoga isn’t supposed to be a relaxed exercise?” Then she said something I think I could not forget for my entire life. “ Yes, when practicing Yoga, your body should feel relaxed. With the rhythms of breath, you feel your body and moreover, build a connection with it through postures. But most of the time, learners are eager to do the postures, to catch up with others, they forget that Yoga is more than postures, is not about chasing others. Instead, it is about attending to your body at the present state, listening to it, and doing what it CAN. Do not wrestle with it and try to have a reconciliation with it. This is Yoga.”

Contemplating her words, I realized my previous understanding of Yoga was superficial and wrong. Afterward, I started breathing exercises every day to rebuild a connection with my body via inhaling and exhaling. My intense body relaxed little by little as well as my heart. After about six months of Yoga exercise, I perceived that I could be totally relaxed for the first time. This unprecedented lightness provides my body with unstopped energy and enthusiasm.

Reflecting on my learning journey, I am grateful for my teacher’s instruction. But more importantly, I am grateful for my body for it teaches me to let it go, to be patient, and to reconcile.

Now for me, Yoga is a state of mind and life attitude.

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