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Yoga — Working on your Mind, Body and Soul ❤ | by Ritika Murarka | Health Publication | Jan, 2024

Currently, I have been taking the help of Youtube videos of Yoga with Adrienne which I tried earlier as well to just feel better holistically and will be combining these with Pilates sessions (mat based) for improving the posture and just remaining fit, like cleansing the internal organs while keeping the rigor of the walking intact.

This regimen is not for replacing the walking which is a great cardio workout or elliptical — one of my most favorite equipment at the gym for cardio. It will be in order to enhance the routine and go back to the flexibility level as before. Also, yoga works on your internal organs, and as flexibility of your body increases, flexibility in your thoughts increase.

It works on a holistic level. It works on levels that maybe we cannot even comprehend. Once you start doing Yoga, you start conducting your life in a different way, you improve your life drastically as:

  1. You are working on your spine constantly and a healthy spine is a healthy body
  2. You will start to crave healthy foods and your body will automatically stop needing the unhealthy meals or snack items
  3. Your thoughts will be filled with gratitude and there will be a certain flexibility and accommodating stance with which you will start to operate your life.

Parivartan toh Yoga se ho hoga 😀 ( It means ‘ Change is possible with Yoga’ in hindi )

Give it a try and I will share my journey and experience with Pilates and in which ways it has helped improved my life.

Love and Light,

Ritika ❤

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