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Yogurt review — MooMoo 건강한 요구르트 음료 | by The Ambivert Wallflower | Nov, 2021

Diary of a chubby kid — Yogurt Review

MooMoo 건강한 요구르트 음료 “G-Dragon”

MooMoo 건강한 요구르트 음료 Dragon fruit yogurt

Since bubble tea and coffee craze became a hit in Philippines, it has become a drink option for Filipinos. However, there may be a new contender in the fresh beverage business, with the rise of rice yogurt drinks.

As the name suggests, they’re made from thick homemade Greek yogurt with soft, chewy purple rice — also known as Korean black rice.

Like bubble tea, rice yogurt drinks are served in clear plastic tumbler-style cups, sealed tightly with a plastic cover. Although, I found a certain yogurt shop in Bulacan named MooMoo 건강한 요구르트 음료 (Healthy Yogurt Drink) which offers a Diamond-shape lids instead! And for me, they really look aesthetically pleasing in the eye!

They’re enjoyed through extra-wide straws and available in different flavors such as Oats, Oreos, Granola, and Almonds. They also offer various fruits including Strawberries, Mangoes, Avocado and Dragon fruits.

simple yet aesthetically pleasing yogurt shop

This MooMoo 건강한 요구르트 음료 was the first Yogurt drink shop that I ever see in Bulacan (they are like Yogost and Koomi of some sort) As a foodie and KPOP fan, I was curious what they offer really taste like; so I tried one of their bestseller Dragon Fruit Yogurt drink, which is by the way called “G-Dragon” (yes, the one and only King of KPOP) and I was surprised that it REALLY TASTES GOOD!

The sweet, watery taste authentic Dragon fruit blending with the sourness of Greek Yogurt! (I never thought it will actually tastes that good!) Moreover, there are Dragon fruit tidbits at the bottom of my drinks that makes it a good fruit chewable!

I was about to order another Yogurt when a lot of teenagers came in to order. So, I went to my car and took a drinkfie as a remembrance.

I’ll definitely be back to this shop very soon! Just like what Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum once said, “Gotta catch them all!” 🙂

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