You Don’t Need To Go To Gym To Stay Healthy, Here Are 5 Ayurvedic Habits Which Will Help | by Shivnarayan Kamat | Jan, 2022

You Don’t Need To Go To Gym To Stay Healthy, Here Are 5 Ayurvedic Habits Which Will Help

Hmm, if you think that you need a strict diet plan, heavy exercises and costly trainers to stay healthy, you might need to rethink.

With time our lifestyle has changed a lot. These lifestyles provide convience to us and help us live our life comfortably. But are you aware that we are comprimising our health for that comfort ? You don’t need a research paper to understand this just look around you will find health issues like sleep disorders, depression. constipation, etc are increasing at a faster rate than before.

Don’t worry, this is not going to be that negative article which makes you feel that life is a hell instead here we are going to focus on the solutions rather than problems. Although we can’t change our life completly but we can surely build some healing habits which con surely change our life for better. We are listing below five ayurvedic habits that can create a healthy impact on our life.

Storing water in earthen pots is not only health friendly but also pocket friendly. Storing water in earthen pots keeps water cod naturally. Clay being alkaline in nature interacts with the acidic foods and keep away acidic and gastric related problems. Drinking water from clay pots are also better because it is naturally punified and does not cause sour throat which is more to be happen if you drink water from refrigerator.

Nowadays use of pills and medicines to combat with sleep issues, strees, depression and anxiety is increasing. This might solve the problem but would definitely have ill-effects in the long run. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to practice yoga .Yoga helps you to relax your mind and body by aligning the Inner energies of your body with the nature.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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