You’d Be Surprised What’s in Your Toothpaste | by fNograph | Oct, 2021


Switching to an all natural toothpaste was an adjustment for Jordy, but it was worth the oral health benefits.

“About two years ago, I got tired of using Colgate toothpaste, and so I switched to this other brand that’s more mom and pop-ish, but it’s way better for your teeth. It’s healthier, actually. No fluoride, things of that nature.

I just read the contents, what it had in it, and just found out that it wasn’t healthy for me to brush my teeth with those ingredients. It has sugar in it, and all this other stuff. I just decided to try something better and healthier. A sweetener! It’s a sweetener. I won’t say it’s actually sugar, but it’s like a sweetener. It might be sugar, but it’s like, there’s something sweet in it. I forgot the name of it.

You can get it from their website, but I get it from Amazon because it gets here faster. I bought like four of them, and it lasts me about maybe 2–3 months. It’s called Uncle Harry’s. It’s pretty good. Peppermint, alkalizing. It’s not sweet at all. It actually shocks the hell out of your system when you first brush your teeth with it, because it tastes like the opposite of what Colgate toothpaste tastes like. So it shocks your system, and it takes some getting used to, but that’s all I use now. It can be nasty. I mean, you’re not going to eat it — you can eat it, but you’re not going to eat it. It has oregano in it and stuff too. It’s gluten-free, glycerin free, vegan. It’s got a whole bunch of good stuff, and it’s a clay. It’s not a paste.

A friend of mine told me about it when I was asking around.”

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