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Your existence is helpful only if you cultivate healthy selfishness.💖✨🌟 | by E | Dec, 2021

Your existence is helpful only if you cultivate healthy selfishness.💖✨🌟

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself,…” Song of myself- Walt Whitman

For saving peace of my mind, moved my room because i really don’t need to hear construction noise everyday. Moreover, I checked some similar cases in which inhabitant no need to pay for the stay, i made sure i don’t pay either which they couldn’t object because landlord have to provide a livable place for the inhabitant or have to pay for the noise(of course it varies for different jurisdictions). Nevertheless, i encourage everyone to learn law, at least fundamental constitutional rights to protect oneself and create a fair, healthy society. Because noise pollution cause more mental damage than we may think, this consequently effects our whole body. Nothing is more important than one’s physical and mental health and peace.

I really encourage everyone to really stand for your happiness and rights. What could be more normal and important than to be happy you? Because most people normalize those kind of situations, so everyone is sick and sheepishly live their lives for the betterment of others who don’t give a f. about our wellbeing in the first place.

I also gave closure to people who are not healthy for me. For my physical and mental health i did lots of changes but i did those changes slowly by testing everything.

This is what I call peace of mind. Knowing with each and every cells of your wants and not wants. Only by knowing what you don’t want, you know what you want. And if you want to be impactful and helpful in the society, you have to cultivate healthy selfishness, value yourself first, prove your mind and others self love and this already is super impactful in the society. Because if everyone knows their place and value, the world would turn more healthy, fair place.

Always find time to love yourself regardless of sex gender buy yourself some flowers, cook the best meal, do some social media fasting, turn off everything and really really really enjoy yourself, spoil yourself. You deserve the best of everything. Your existence is helpful, meaningful, impactful, inspiring only when your cup is full, only then you can do beneficial things for your wellbeing and the rest of the World. Nobody lives this life for you, while alive live the best! THE BEST! 💗💖☯️💐💐

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