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Zero budget natural farming in India | Advantages and challenges of zero budget natural farming | by Million Dollar Knowledge | Jan, 2022

Million Dollar Knowledge

During two separate functions held recently, the Prime Minister in his speech talked about zero budget natural farming and appealed to farmers to adopt it more and more in their farming habits.

The first function was organized in Varanasi on December 14, where the Prime Minister, considering the benefits of zero-budget natural farming, urged the farmers to make it a mass movement.

For the second time, the discussion of Zero Budget Natural Farming took place on 16 December at the National Summit on Agriculture and Food Appreciation in Anand, Gujarat, which the Prime Minister attended through video conferencing. At the time of its closing ceremony, the Prime Minister, while addressing about 5000 farmers, emphasized promoting zero budget natural farming, due to these reasons the aspects related to zero budget again came into the discussion.

The motive behind bringing this was to reduce the cost of farming to almost zero and free the farmers from the burden of debt and increase their income; on the other hand, it was to save the environment by eliminating the pollution of soil and water.

Jeevamrit, Beejamrit, Acchadan, Waaphasa

Adopting zero-budget natural farming is not necessary because it is a part of the government’s agenda, but it is the demand of today’s time in terms of economic, social, and environmental needs.

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